Charlie Birch            ︎   

Ify, 18 years old
King Krule

What was your first introduction to the Melkweg?
I think it was when a friend of mine was booked to DJ at Encore in 2016 and asked me to join.

Do you want to tell us your favourite Melkweg story?
Yeah. The King Krule concert was the best concert I have been to so far. I have never seen a band give such a great and flawless performance. The way Archy showed his emotions and gave the show everything he’s got—that was a totally new experience to me.

What do you think concerts will look like in 50 years?
I would want to take a peek into the future because I’m really curious about it. I just hope that not too much changes, because the best concerts are often in smaller concert halls as opposed to a sold out stadium where you can barely see the artists. What I think will change a lot is stage design and decor, just like when Travis Scott performed on an electronic eagle in the sky. Or when Kanye West stood on a plateau looming over the audience during his TLOP tour.

What do you want people to know about you?
Not any one thing in particular, because if you were to ask people who know me well, they would all say something different about me. There is not really one specific thing you need to know.

Which musician would you want to swap lives with for a day?
If I could swap lives with a musician, I’d swap with Kanye West.

Do you want to be famous? If so, what would you want to be known for?
No, not really. Of course it would be nice to have people support you and look up to you. But I would never do anything to become famous, I think being successful is the most important thing. It seems challenging to me, being recognized all the time and being surrounded by people that want things from you and aren’t being sincere. I think being famous is bittersweet.

If you could be the director of Melkweg for a day, what would you do?
If I could be director of Melkweg for a day I would book BLADEE.

What do you think of your photograph?
I am very happy with the photograph, but I didn’t expect any less from Charlie. I really love his style of photography.