Alken            ︎      

Esla, 23 years old
Hare Squead

What was your first introduction to the Melkweg?
Hare Squead was my first ever concert.

Do you want to tell us your favourite Melkweg story?
Not really.

What do you think concerts will look like in 50 years?
I hope that concerts don’t look all that different in 50 years, but imagine that people might make much more use of holograms in the future. Who knows, maybe we won’t even listen to music anymore in 50 years.

What do you want people to know about you?
Don’t mistake my confidence for arrogance.

Which musician would you want to swap lives with for a day?
Kendrick Lamar, because he lives his life pretty much under the radar, focuses on his art and he has a really big network of interesting people around him that he knows personally and gets to hang out with.

Do you want to be famous? If so, what would you want to be known for?
No, not at all. The types of professions that can make a person famous interest me, but being famous itself seems terrible to me.

If you could be the director of Melkweg for a day, what would you do?
I would host an open evening for people who, due to accessibility and financial circumstances, aren’t in a position to visit the Melkweg regularly. I’d link the evening to a concert to offer them a positive experience.

What do you think of your photograph?
I think the photograph is super dope, especially because it was spontaneous and that makes it a good expression of Alken’s creativity.